How to Win a Car Accident Case

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How to Win a Car Accident Case
Image February 8, 2019 Accident attorney John Nunez

Winning a car accident case is not as easy as many people think. You need to make sure that you have the right legal knowledge and help to help you in winning the case. When it comes to a car accident, you will be surprised to know that even small mistakes can be costly.

You do not have to be injured to hire a lawyer. Hiring a Cleveland car accident lawyer will help you to protect your interests and avoid facing a lawsuit. Here are tips on winning a car accident case:

Take Pictures

car accidentThe first step is to make sure that you take pictures. You need to take pictures of the accident scene if you can do it. Taking pictures is an excellent way to keep the evidence.

You will need to have enough evidence in case you take the case to court. One of the ways to keep evidence is to take pictures that you can show as evidence during the court procession.

Hire a Lawyer

No matter how small you think the accident is, you need a lawyer. A lawyer is essential for your case because you need to protect your interest.

Even if you think you are not on the wrong, you need a lawyer to defend you. During the accident, you are likely to face a , and you need to have a lawyer just in case that happens.

Do Not Talk About the Case

During the period of the case, it is important to avoid talking about it. You need to make sure that you do not talk to anyone apart from your lawyer. Explaining details of the accident to third parties is likely to compromise your case.

All the communication should be done through your lawyer. Many people tend to post details of the accident on social media, and this can be used against you during the case.

car accident.

Settling Out of Court

When it comes to a car accident case, there is always the option to settle out of court. Your lawyer will always advise you on the best way to go about it. Settling out of court is always a good option because it helps you eliminate the long process that comes with a court case.

You can always agree with the help of your lawyer. Moving to court is still an option in case you cannot decide on an amicable opportunity.…

Three Legal Tips for Startups
Image December 9, 2018 Business Melissa Magee

Establishing a business is not only about the prestige but also the efforts. And usually, legal issues become the most overwhelming problem in that matter because small mistakes may end up as a big fine. For example, employees’ rights in the US are relatively more well-protected by the law than other countries. If you are an employer who makes a lousy contract, your employees can file a lawsuit against you if you dismiss them. Not only does it cause you to lose money but also your reputation.

Below are the three legal tips that every entrepreneur must know before they start a new business.

Drafting Your Contracts Professionally

You need to hire an employment lawyer to devise your employment contracts. Do not take chances in this process because as stated in the opening paragraph, a disgruntled employee may sue you and drain your company’s budget.

However, you must know the fundamentals issues that an employment contract needs to address:

1. Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Agreement Clause

Conflict of Interest clause regulates how your employees’ behavior matches your company’s interest. It discusses how they should interact with other companies while they are working for you. If you allow your employees to take a second or third job, you have to make sure that such decision will not affect their performance at work.

2. Job Poaching Clause

An employee who gets fired has the possibility of soliciting others to follow the same step. This clause addresses that issue.

3. Employee Copyright Clause

This clause proclaims the ownership of any invention and ideas created by the employees during their working time. App developers must address this issue meticulously.

4. Company’s Property Usage Clause

Your employees will have access to your company’s equipment, technology, and information once you hire them. Company’s property usage clause notifies the employees about the rules of using those facilities.

5. Dispute Resolution Clause

This clause affirms negotiation as the preferred means to resolve possible disputes in the future. It saves your company from dealing with a surprise lawsuit filed by a former employee.


Outsourcing and Its Legal Issues

Outsourcing has become a business trend that enables limitless opportunities for startups. It reduces the cost of service and equipment significantly. For example, a small manufacturing startup should focus more on the research and development of their products instead of management. In that case, they can use an outsourcing service like aloha payroll to manage and calculate their employees’ attendance, performance, and rewards. The startup does not need to invest in hiring new finance experts and upgrading their inventory.

However, you need to be concerned with possible legal issues that may come up in the future. Outsourcing means entrusting your company’s date to a second party. And thus, privacy and confidentiality should be the primary focus here.

Second, if you do not contribute to the local community by employing a domestic workforce, your company’s reputation can be at risk. If the union finds out, they may sue you. Therefore, you have to consult a local lawyer to know how the authority controls outsourcing.

Devising the Right Legal Disclaimers

The third important thing for a startup is to create legal disclaimers for either their products or service. They can prevent consumers from being at odds with you because they misunderstand the function of your products. For example, your company develops a paid language learning app that promises the learner to succeed in a specific test. In that case, you have to state explicitly the circumstances that will support the intended outcome, like being discipline with the learning schedule, working on all of the exercises given by the app, etc.

Dispute with customers can damage your company. Therefore, investing in its prevention is way better and more beneficial than resolving it.…

Top Benefits of Hiring Divorce Lawyers
Image October 4, 2018 Divorce Law Melissa Magee

A divorce can take a toll on your life. This is because it is one of the most challenging decisions you will have to make in your life. In fact, getting a divorce can be a painful moment in a person’s life, notwithstanding whether the marriage was an unhappy one.

divorce processSuch immense pain and grief can make one lose sight of objectivity, which can result in impairing your decision-making ability. This explains why you should hire a Rochester divorce lawyer. An expert lawyer can help you handle the divorce process by solving the complications that arise. There are several benefits of hiring a professional divorce lawyer. The following are some of the benefits.

Technical Legal Knowledge

A divorce lawyer ought to offer you the technical knowledge that cannot be found anywhere else. For one to become a lawyer, he or she has to spend several years studying and practicing law. This is supplemented with adequate experience in this area of specialization. Thus, your lawyer cannot only offer you the technical advice you need but also manage bureaucratic processes such as handling complex forms and collecting evidence.

Specialized Experience

Other than the basic legal knowledge, a divorce lawyer has a lot of experience earned through various divorces he or she has handled. One of the aspects that are important is specialization. This is earned by handling similar cases over the years. Therefore, as you hire an attorney who is an expert in the divorce cases, you get a lawyer who understands all the intrigues and intricacies that the cases can provide. Also, after practicing for several years, the divorce lawyer will have instincts that can be useful to your case.

An Objective Viewpoint

Remember that the divorce lawyer you choose will provide an independent opinion. Lawyers are well-known around the world for their objectivity. Thus, when you are suffering from emotional trauma as a result of divorce, the objectivity of the lawyer can be of great help.

Emphatic and Tender Voice

certificate of divorceA lot of divorce lawyers have dealt with a lot of heart-broken women and men. Therefore, they understand the grief you are undergoing through in such tough situations. Thus, you can expect an emphatic voice from a lawyer that can make you feel better. Nonetheless, it is quite common for the divorce attorneys to be confidantes of their clients. If you are in the process of getting a divorce, you should look for a professional divorce lawyer.…

Why You Need to Hire a Boating Accident Lawyer
Image September 29, 2018 Accident attorney John Nunez

Boating is a relaxing and fun activity that attracts many people. Boating accidents can happen when people are sailing or fishing leaving the victims with devastating or catastrophic injuries. These injuries can skyrocket the medical bills of the affected people. The injured victims can also lose their wages by missing work. Most of these accidents are either caused by careless behaviors or negligence of other sailors.

Some rental boats lack necessary safety features or are poorly maintained leading to injuries or accidents. The injuries persons are advised to seek legal help from reputable firms. For instance, a West Palm Beach Boat Accident Attorney can help you in getting compensation. Remember that multiple parties are involved in these accidents. These include the boat’s manufacturer, the company responsible for maintaining it, insurance company, and boat’s operator among others.

Common Types of Boating or Maritime Accidents

Accidents that involve personal watercraft and boats have different causes, and they involve various types of injuries. Some boating accidents occur more often than others. They include:

capsized boat

  • Capsize or leaky boat sinks
  • Yacht or harbor club negligence
  • Collisions with harbors or docks
  • Collision with other tubes, jet skis, or boats
  • Lack of necessary safety equipment
  • Water skiers or sailors injured by propellers
  • Propeller injuries caused by speeding boats or passenger falls

Factors Considered When Looking for a Boat Accident Lawyer

These are some of the essential factors that need to be taken into account when hiring and interviewing a boat accident lawyer. Does the potential attorney have the necessary experience and skills to handle complex cases? Are you comfortable with his/her judgment or advice? Do you agree with the proposed strategy of the potential attorney? Are his/her legal fees reasonable? This write-up will discuss these considerations in detail. Scheduling a preliminary meeting with the potential boat accident lawyer before hiring him/her is important. This meeting can help you in determining if the professional is worth to represent you.

Judgment, Trust, and confidence


Hiring a professional to represent you is sometimes much more subjective. Remember that you will be working with this person for years or months depending on how long it takes for your case to be resolved. Ideally, you should hire someone whom you trust and who shows excellent judgment. Check whether he or she is well versed with unfamiliar concepts. He or she should also be capable of answering your questions directly.


Accessing the Lawyer

Assessment is done after the initial consultation. It is done on the following criteria:

  • Confidence, judgment, and trust
  • Experience
  • Award estimates, expenses and fees
  • Strategy
Steps to Take When Looking for a Debt Collector Harassment Lawyer
Image February 4, 2018 Law John Nunez

A debt collector harassment lawyer is a helpful person when people find themselves in a situation when the debt collection agencies breach their rights. As much as people do not know all their rights, in this case, one will be surprised to learn that they are many.

It is highly advisable that one involves a debt collector harassment lawyer to help them stop the agencies from continued nagging and bother. They also make sure that the process follows the right procedure as required by law. So, in this case, how do you get the appropriate lawyer? It is by contacting and requesting for one. These steps will also help you.

Understand the problem at hand

legal lawyerIf you legitimately owe someone, it is logical to pay and all will be over. However, there are many cases where the harassment comes in. Some creditors will keep calling you despite having an agreement of a specific payment plan. Worse still, they can choose to use a debt collection agency and provide the wrong information to them. In such a case, the two of you will not agree and the results will be harassment from the agency. The only person who can help the situation is choosing a debt collector harassment lawyer.

Research well

Before settling on a specific law firm to supply you with the best debt collector harassment lawyer, it is paramount to make sure that they have the right legal experts to help you. For most people, searching for the search engine will be the best option. You can also use the use the social media references from friends and relatives. With such information, you can then proceed to check the law firm’s background and whether or not they have assisted other client to stop this harassment.

Contact the law firm and book an appointment

Lawyers are usually busy with numerous meetings, legal proceeding and other errands. However, a good customer care desk of a reputable law firm will book you an appropriate appointment. In most cases, people insist on speaking with the debt collector harassment lawyer so that they can express their situation first hand. In some cases, the law firm may have you speak with a legal secretary who will brief the attorney and start working on the case.

Draw a plan of action

legalWhether your first meeting was done together with the lawyer or not, a plan must the discussed immediately or soon after. Sometimes, there might be an agency to the case, especially when the client is harassed using wrong information from the creditor. The lawyer will need to investigate first and lay a strategy. The possible way to stop extreme harassment is to sue the creditor so that they can stop the same. With a good lawyer, your chances to succeed are high.


Finding the best debt collector harassment lawyer may not be an easy task. However, following the above steps will increase the chances of getting the best and more so, getting the necessary help that you need. If you get one, do not hesitate to refer them to other people suffering the same fate so that they can also get relieved and know their rights during debt collection.…

Get to Know Chapter 12 Bankruptcy
Image January 30, 2018 Uncategorized Melissa Magee

The reality of owning a business is harsh. Money is the source of problems for many things in life, and even though the company might have supported your cost of living in the past, it is always possible that it can go downhill anytime in the future. Though it is sad to deal with the reality, sometimes you must face the truth and accept that the business is no longer feasible. Because as much as you love the company like your child because of all the hard work and time that you have dedicated to it, there is a certain point in financial failure where letting go is your best option. Bankruptcy might seem like a scary thing and what you will keep as your last resort, but you should give it a try and educate yourself on the topic, so you can have better judgment about how it is not as bad as it sounds. While there are many types of bankruptcy out there, here is what chapter 12 is about for you to read if this is the one for you.

Why you should choose this

laywerThere are two main reasons why declaring Chapter 12 bankruptcy is an excellent solution to your money issues. The first one is, you can take a larger amount of debt from the government compared to other chapters. The second one is you will have better chance to reduce the number of financial obligations that you have.


Are you eligible

Surely every chapter will have their requirements, and the government made chapter 12 bankruptcy special for family-owned business where the filed is either farming or fishing. But you should look into it more though that is a general idea of who is eligible.

Finding the right lawyer

lawPursuing to get the financial protection that you can get through bankruptcy is not easy, you will need help from a lawyer that understands the law and the steps. From what to prepare and which steps that you need to make, a seasoned attorney will make sure that you will get the best out of your situation.


What to look for in chapter 12 attorney

Expertise and experience are two main things that you need to seek in your lawyer. Since the case is not just a general one you need to be in a hand that has the expertise in this area. The more experienced the person is, you will feel more secure as the attorney will have all the resources that they need to help you out.…

3 reasons to work with a child support lawyer
Image December 23, 2017 Family Law Maria Brown

When a couple decides to part ways, they are forced to face the harsh reality of filling a divorce. Unfortunately, one of the parents (mostly the father) faces the reality of fighting for the right to continue living with his kids. In his quest to achieving this, he has to deal with the bias child crying qthat tends to favor the mother. As such, the best thing he can do is to work with a child support lawyer.

The role played by an experienced legal team while filling for child custody can never be overlooked. Thus, if you are passionate about living with your kids after the divorce is settled, work with a lawyer that specializes in child support. That said, these write-up shares some reasons that warrant working with a child support lawyer before initiating any child support arrangement in the event of a divorce.

Fresh perspective

Divorce often comes with a hard emotional battle. Thus, things can get worse if one parent is denied the right to be with his or her children. During this emotional state, the disadvantaged partner is often disadvantaged when it comes to seeking justice. As such, working with someone who understands the legalities involved in filling for child support often gives the case a fresh and better perspective. Best of all, it also improves your chances of winning the case.

Sound reasoning

divorce eeThe fight for child custody is often marked with serious emotions from either side. You might be somehow be limited by emotions at a point when you are needed to make technically sound decisions almost instantaneously. As such, the presence of a child support lawyer in San Diego can help you inject some sense and rational thinking into this legal battle. This does not mean that you are assured of being granted of your claim. Instead, you stand a chance of getting a fair hearing and a decent settlement.

To fight relentlessly

Besides reasoned thinking and a logical approach, child supports battles call for a relentless and lengthy legal battle. As such, a good family law attorney should be in a position to follow up with the case until the resolution is reached. If the resolution reached is not fair, they should be in a position of advising you about the best possible alternatives to take. If you have no chances of getting a better deal, which is rare, he or she should let you know about the best alternatives to take.…

Understanding what is child support
Image December 18, 2017 Family Law Melissa Magee

When you have a child, you are legally obligated to provide financial support for 18 years, or what is known as the age of majority. Therefore, divorced parents that have children below 18 years do owe a given amount of child support.

Some states can even provide a website or a portal with a child support calculator for 2018. If you are a parent, you can also get free help from a local courthouse. It is important to consider the following factors when determining child support:

Determinants of child support

Income of both parents

income child support 244The income of all parents is considered. Moreover, the amount a parent can earn is taken into account. For instance, if a doctor in his or her 30s is just lying on the beach rather than working, he or she will owe child support even without an income. Another factor is the amount of money every parent receives. For instance, parents may be earning an interest in other investments.

Family structure

The number of children also involved is taken into account. Usually, if there are several kids, then the amount of child support required is higher. Another factor is the amount of time every parent spends with the child. If you spend a lot of time with your kid, then you will be required to pay less money as compared to the other parent.

Needs of custodial parent

A parent who has custody of the child will require a lot of support as he or she will incur more expenses for taking care of the kid. In fact, if the custodian does not have income, then non-custodial parent will have to cover the expenses.

Age of child

Depending on the age and the agreement in place, the support may come to an end at a given point in the child’s life. For instance, when the child reaches 18 years, both parents can cut off child support. However, some states demand that child support continues until the child marries or graduates from college.

Standard of living

standard of living child support 442The standard of living of the child before separation or divorce is also taken into account. The courts look at the standard of living and needs before the divorce. The aim here is to ensure the child continues to get the same level of living after separation and divorce.

Needs of the child

In fact, this may be the main factor to consider. The expenses and needs of the child must match the desired standard of living. Thus, things such as rent, food, education expenses are factored.…

Tips for hiring an accident attorney
Image November 14, 2017 Accident attorney Melissa Magee

Being in an accident is traumatizing. It is advisable that you get yourself an accident attorney in case this happens. Regardless of who was to blame for the accident you should seek the services of a qualified attorney. When an accident occurs and no one dies, the parties involved can decide to solve their case out of a law court, but a victim of a car crash may insist on going to court. Regardless of how you plan to resolve an accident issue, you should always make sure you have an accident attorney to guide you. If you are seeking the services of an attorney here are some points you should consider when hiring one.

Law firm


Your accident attorney should be from a known law firm. Reputable law firms are known to have the best attorneys available. You should make a personal commitment to visit their office premises when seeking the services of an attorney. If a law firm has no one who has specialized in your type of case, you can ask them if they can refer you to a firm that can help you.


Always know if the person who is representing you is qualified as an accident attorney. You can know this by inquiring from the law firm the attorney is from. You can also confirm if an individual is qualified by knowing if they are registered with lawyer’s organization. There are internet sites available to help you in identifying the relevant organizations of lawyers to confirm.


Having an experienced accident attorney can determine how much you will be paying or paid for settlements. Accident cases can be settled by paying medical bills or paying some money to the victim. Therefore you need to have an experienced attorney who has dealt with a similar case as yours so that your rights cannot be violated.

Area of specialization

afdfgdfhdWhat most people do not understand is that no particular attorney can handle all the cases. There are different types of attorneys depending on their area of specialization. You can find a property lawyer who specializes on property law. Therefore find an attorney who specializes in accidents, finding some who dedicates his time to represent accident victims will be beneficial as he or she will be up to date on matters related to accidents.


You should know the amount your accident attorney will require from you. Most accident attorneys will ask for hourly billing, but there are some who will like to be paid when the case is over. If you are to pay your lawyer when you win, you should agree on the percentage in advance.…

Reasons you need hospital defense attorneys
Image September 9, 2017 Malpractice Maria Brown

Laws that govern healthcare keep on changing each day. In fact, new regulations keep coming from nowhere. Even the slightest mishap or error is likely to land you in court. The following are some reasons to hire a hospital defense attorney.

Why hire hospital defense attorney

Litigation for professionals

tg2w3edf7jedf8i2222For some people, litigation is the sure way to getting a lifetime income. However, you can protect yourself and the employees by hiring an experienced hospital defense attorney. Unfortunately, five years of experience are not adequate. You should look for defense attorneys that provide a wide area of focus. You should note that litigation can include medical malpractice issues and wrongful death. You need an attorney who has experience in appellate court and Supreme Court.


Compliance issues are some of the common areas for revenue losses and litigation. Your hospital defense attorney should inform you of emerging modifications and even identify issues before they arise.

Abuse and fraud charges

Whistleblower acts, or Qui Tam Actions, are false claims. In fact, they are quite prevalent than ever before. The law contains many areas, which increased the risk of fraud charges like in-office ancillary services. Fortunately, a reputable hospital lawyer can guide physicians and hospitals in such cases.

Overpayment recovery laws

Licensure and certifications issues and accreditation laws keep changing. In fact, specifics are quite confusing. You need to provide certification and licensure requirement updates on a routine basis to avoid such losses. An attorney must respond efficiently and quickly in case of violations. Moreover, he or she should act swiftly to negotiate the resolutions.

Medicare, Medicaid, and managed care

The attorney will navigate both the state and federal regulations and inform you accordingly. Moreover, they can come up with a plan to prevent revenue losses and violations. Also, a hospital defense attorney can resolve disputes regarding the reimbursement.

Health information exchanges

Your attorney will create a strategy to help improve compliance and prevent violations by giving timely updates on the changing regulations. In fact, they can oversee meaningful audits in the payment stages if you are running an incentive program. Moreover, they can update the hospital with the current shifts.tg2wefcweid92k2

Fair employment practices

You can prevent problems through benefit packages and various fair employment policies. All these calls for the expertise of an experienced attorney. Remember that employees play an important role in the growth of any business.…

Steps to avoid online defamation
Image August 8, 2017 Tort Law Maria Brown

In the last few decades, only the member of the press worried about issues such as libel and defamation. However, with the growth of social media in the past few years, nearly every person can have his or her platform and an audience where he or she shares his or her ideas. This means that any person can find himself or herself liable for defamation. This means that topics which were only meant for law students and mass communications are now relevant to the whole public.

If you post, tag, blog, or tweet, the following are some steps to follow to keep yourself out of defamation risk.

How to avoid defamation

Know what defamation is

g2w3ed6fcgwesdi2ik22As the name suggests, defamation occurs when you defame a person by making harmful statements about him or her, which you know is false. Libels, when the statements are written, and slander when they are spoken, are the two types of defamation. For instance, if you tweet that your boss has been sexually harassing you when you cannot verify the statements is considered libelous. However, if you tweet that you have won a judgment against the boss for harassing you sexually, is safe.

Stick to facts

It is true every person is entitled to his or her opinions. However, it is difficult to differentiate between a fact and an opinion. For instance, if you believe a particular politician lied about campaign finances, but it is yet to be proven, it is advisable to precede any written or verbal statements with “in my opinion.” It is a good idea to keep any potential defamatory opinions to you.

No name-calling

Even if you believe a particular celeb is a home wrecker, you should avoid name calling. This is because it may constitute to character assassination. He or she may have committed the affair when their paramour was already separated. In such a case, the home is already wrecked, and your statements are false.


Leave the readers to reach their conclusions. When you face the facts, the majority of your Facebook followers may view your situations just the same manner as you do. In this way, you can avoid exposing yourself to defamation problems.tgwedfcv7hedf82i22

Spreading defamatory materials

Avoid linking or retweeting another person’s potential defamatory material. Even if another person can originate the rumor. However, this does not stop it from being false. No matter the source of the defamatory statement, any person who propagates it or repeats it is liable just like the source.…

RCR Education Consortium :: Online Resource for RCR Instructors
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Welcome to the RCREC Web site

This is the home page for the
Responsible Conduct of Research Education Consortium (RCREC)
and the
Online Resource for RCR Instructors

The RCREC is a non-profit, non-governmental consortium of institutions and organizations dedicated to promoting effective teaching of the responsible conduct of research (RCR). The purpose of the RCREC Web site is to foster communication among the members of the RCREC about RCR teaching. One of the goals of the RCREC is to disseminate information that will facilitate the creation and improvement of programs of instruction in RCR. To meet this goal, the RCREC Web site is also the home for the Online Resource for RCR Instructors. The major links on the toolbar (goals, topics, formats, tools, and connections) are the components of this Online Resource.

This site is now under construction and is undergoing a second-level review by the membership of the RCREC (October 2003). Please refer any comments or questions to: RCREC Webmaster.


The interim Web site for RCREC can be found at:


In the meantime, you may wish to register so that we can contact you when the site is ready for use.

You may register by clicking here.

For more information about RCREC, please follow these links:
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