Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Steps to take after you get a DUI arrest

Getting a DUI is not good news. However, life is not yet over. Every year, a lot of people get DWI or DUI arrests. Unfortunately, they feel trapped or lost by the heavy burden they are likely to face in the coming months. However, some persons get out of it feeling relieved, while others make fatal errors and they never fully recover. To get a DWI or DUI off your records, you need to take certain important steps.

If you ever get arrested while intoxicated, ensure you are cooperative as much as possible. Do not engage the cop and just follow all his or her orders. Also, answers questions which do not incriminate you further. If you are asked to take alcohol blow test, you should refuse, and it is your right. Even if you are likely to have your license suspended, you have a good chance of avoiding DUI.

Find a reputable DUI attorney

tg2wed6hwesdc87uii22Before you do anything, it is necessary to find a reputable DUI attorney. An experienced attorney will ensure his or her client rights are protected. Moreover, he or she will ensure that you are not getting yourself into trouble. The lawyer will work with the prosecution and the judge to lessen your charges or even have them diminished altogether.

Follow legal advice

The majority of people arrested for DUI or DWI fail to follow the advice of the judge or lawyer. It is important to listen to the lawyer regarding the proper procedure and court dates. For example, if you miss a court session, you are likely to get yourself into more trouble. Usually, you are required to attend a court hearing after before 30 days of arrest. While in court, your attorney is likely to advise you on different things like a plea bargain. This is likely to reduce the sentence even when you are guilty.

Pay off your dues

It is true DUIs are quite expensive. To reduce your likelihood of being further in trouble, you should pay off the dues, which you incur such as court costs, costs of classes, and lawyer fees. In fact, if you fail to pay them, you are likely to face another punishment for the debts.tgw3edfc7yud8cikji22

Status of driver’s license

Your license is likely to be suspended for several months. Depending on the level of your charges, your license is likely to be suspended for a minimum of 6 months.